FTP Data Storage

Simple and Efficient

Simple and efficient data storage

Simple and efficient

Use your favorite FTP client

Simple and Efficient Data Storage

BluegrassNet’s FTP hosting service is designed for simplicity and efficiency. This is a 100% classic FTP service. You get space on a server, use a FTP Client (such as Filezilla) to connect, and you’re uploading and downloading files.

These are the plans we offer:

Disk Space:

Service Description Monthly Cost Overages
10GB $27.50 overages billed at $2.75/GB
50GB $112.50 overages billed at $2.25/GB
100GB $200.00 overages billed at $2.00/GB
250GB $437.50 overages billed at $1.75/GB
500GB $750.00 overages billed at $1.50/GB
1000GB $1250.00 overages billed at $1.25/GB

Data Transfers:

  • Uploads to storage system – 3 x the allocated Drive Space per month included with account.
  • Downloads from storage system – 1 x the allocated Drive Space per month included with account.
  • Transfers exceeding the above parameters, $2 per GB


  • Data Storage Service Drive Space accessible via FTP, FTPS, iSCSI, NFS, SAMBA
  • Service is backed up on best efforts basis, and access to your backed up data is only available at additional cost.
  • Disk space is not hard-limited, overage costs will apply as indicated on the order form
  • Will not function as a web directory.
  • FTP sessions are authenticated and connect through the hosting cluster and then to the storage system by way of a mounted drive

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