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Cable Broadband: Louisville and Lexington, KY

Cable Internet From BluegrassNet

Authorized reseller of cable modem service

Discounted prices on Office365, GoogleApps, and other business services

Cable Internet From BluegrassNet

BluegrassNet is an authorized reseller of Cable Modem service in several markets, including Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, as well as Southern Indiana.

Approximate pricing for business connections (may change slightly due to differences between carriers):

  • 10Mbps Down / 1Mbps Up is approximately $110/mo.
  • 20Mbps Down / 2Mbps Up is approximately $239/mo.
  • Other bandwidth plans are available
  • This is considered a “small business element” at BluegrassNet. If you order your cable service from BluegrassNet, you can receive discounted prices on Office365, GoogleApps, and other business services such as e-mail, hosting, etc. Call for details.
  • This is a best efforts service and no guarantees can be made as to the actual bandwidth a customer will receive.

For more information on ordering Cable Modem service from BluegrassNet, please call our main number during regular business hours: 502-589-4638.

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