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Helping with Single and Multi-Tenant Deployments

BluegrassNet Voice is one of the leading Thirdlane consultancies in the world. We have assisted with installations across the United States. If you need assistance on any part of your project, or simply want someone to bounce ideas and planning off of, we have the engineer here to do that. We can be hired on a per hour basis. Our engineers work with both Enterprise and Multi-Tenant Versions of Thirdlane extensively.

More About Thirdlane Consulting

Thirdlane PBX is a complete software PBX combining Asterisk, Thirdlane PBX Manager GUI, and other components into a powerful system that is easy to install, customize and manage. Thirdlane has two types of licenses: The Enterprise PBX and the Multi-Tenant Edition.

Customers can choose their own hardware and phones, installation and config of the PBX can be done quickly. Advanced features include bulk generation of user extensions and template based auto-provisioning, extensible script library, performance analysis tools and Outlook integration.

Benefits of Thirdlane

Unlike other systems that put a “straight-jacket” on the power and flexibility of Asterisk, Thirdlane PBX enhances it by providing powerful and user friendly management tools.

While offering powerful management and end-user functionality straight out-of-the-box, Thirdlane PBX focuses on providing system administrators, resellers, or integrators with an open system that can be further extended and enhanced with custom features based on each business’ requirements.

With Thirdlane PBX, any organization can create a PBX at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBXs or competitive VoIP based products, while providing a level of functionality exceeding that of many of the most costly systems available.

BluegrassNet Voice is one of the main integration support groups for Thirdlane PBX in the world. We work with IT professionals and both businesses and ITSP’s to make your project a success.

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