Create a Support Ticket

Create a Support Ticket


Contacting Our Support Desk

Support Telephone Number: 502-589-4638
Support E-mail Address:


DNS & E-mail Server IP Addresses

Primary Nameserver: /
Secondary Nameserver: /
Primary SMTP & POP Mail Server:


Top Technical Support Issues

Connecting Your Blackberry To BluegrassNet E-mail Services
Connecting Your iPhone or iPod Touch To BluegrassNet E-mail Services
Connecting Your Android To BluegrassNet E-mail Services


Support Tools

My Hosting Account Control Center


Alert & Monitoring Services Available

E-mail, Text, or Paging Notification. If one of these tests fail, you get notified:

  • Ping
  • Http
  • MySQL
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory

Email RBL/Blacklist monitoring – checked every 24 hours

  • Per IP address monitoring for web servers and/or email servers
  • Receive an email notifying you that one of your mailing devices is blacklisted
  • Daily checks on 62 of the most popular and frequently used RBL’s

If you are interested in having one of these Alert services turned on for your server or website, please give us a call.


BluegrassNet Policies & Procedures

BluegrassNet Acceptable Use Policy
Definition of 95th Percentile Bandwidth Measurement Process



How can BluegrassNet Help?

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