BluegrassNet has been a data backup partner to many businesses in Louisville, KY since 1995. In that tim we have expanded to supporting clients throughout the United States that are looking to keep their data in a safe and secure environment that will continue to operate even if the client’s primary facility is put out of service. What orignally started as a simple service for local businesses, has slowly expanded into offering the same services to customers in Earthquake zones (California) and Hurricane prone areas (Florida and Gulf Coast).

A good data backup plan could save untold thousands of dollars in loses if put in place before you have an equipment failure. BluegrassNet can make the process quick, easy and completely reliable so you can be sure that your data will always be yours. We can tailor our backup architecture to whatever your needs are. BluegrassNet offers automatic data replication systems that back up your data at any interval, saving it to two redundant locations and systems.

We can store anything from just critical files to complete server images that can rebuild your system in minutes in the event of a hard drive failure. If you are interested in learning more about our data backup services, please call us at (502) 589-4638. We would love to talk about how we can protect your data ensure you’re peace of mind.

BluegrassNet is a Veeam Authorized Silver Partner. This means that we are actively working and deploying Veeam, the most popular VMWare backup application on the planet. Definitely let us talk to you about this, we can snyc your data up to other servers here at BluegrassNet and if anything happens, can have you back up and running quickly.

How important is it to have reliable backups? The truth is that all computer hardware will fail given enough time, and chief among the parts that will fail first is the hard drive. On that hard drive is information that could represent untold time, money and resources for your company, and if you don’t have a proper data backup procedure, it is just a matter of time before you lose it.

While manufacturers of hard drives claim anywhere up to 35 years as the mean time between failures, the real world data says that these numbers are generous at best. In 2007 Google released an internal study where they calculated their own fail rates in their massive data farms of thousands of drives. They found that hard drive fail rates per year “…varies from 1.7%, for drives that were in their first year of operation, to over 8.6%, observed in the 3-year old population.” That means every year, you could be looking at anything up to an 8.6% chance that your hard drive will fail and your data will be destroyed.


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