Wireless Internet Service

Business-Class connectivity in the Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana areas.



This type of Internet access is extremely dependable, quick to deploy, and affordable. It is the perfect solution for someone looking for faster upload speeds, hosting servers, or simply if they need a backup connection. There are several different ways to use wireless, and we determine what type of wireless to deploy depending on how much bandwidth the customer needs, what applications the customer is looking to run over the network, such as VOIP or video, and how mission critical the connection is.

Internet Bandwidth availability can range from simple T-1 speed bandwidth (1.54Mbps) all the way up to Gigabit connectivity (1,000Mbps). To get an exact price on what you need, please call our offices at 502-589-4638 and ask for a quote on a wireless connection.


Why would someone use Wireless Internet?


Back up connection: The reality is that almost all connectivity delivered by the telephone companies or cable company run down the street hanging off telephone poles. If a storm knocks out the poles, or trees fall and knock the fiber or wires down, you are down.

If your business is dependent on the Internet to survive, why not have a connection that does not use the telephone poles? Wireless is the perfect answer. Having a cable modem as a back up isn’t going to help you if the telephone poles go down, they’re usually on the same pole as your Fiber, T-1’s, or Metro-E.

Better Upstream Bandwidth: Cable and DSL don’t have decent upstream throughput that some applications require. Wireless can go symmetric and be configured as needed.

Revenue commitments from the fiber carriers are too much: Oftentimes when you price out large Internet connections from the carriers, they require a minimum revenue commitment ($2,500/mo.) to justify them building fiber to your location. With Wireless, this is not an issue. If we can see you, you’re on!!!

Different Service Option: If you like the way you’re being treated by AT&T or Insight… you’ll LOVE us. At least when you call in here we know who you are and will work WITH you to make things work. Plus, we will go beyond the D-mark and help you with your firewalls and internal networks if warranted.

Unusually large Internet connections: When Internet connections go beyond the capabilities of a T-1, that usually means you need fiber or some type of special build out from the carriers, especially if you need 20Mbps +. With wireless, we can do up to 1 Gbps connections and everything in between. We just buy different equipment.

Fast to Deploy: If you’re in line of sight, installation is more dependent on whether we have the necessary equipment to install you than anything. Wireless is GREAT for emergency deployment. Waiting for fiber to be built can take three or four months.


Why use BluegrassNet?


Established Service Provider: BluegrassNet has been around for 15 years and has 30+ employees. We are experienced in running IP networks and understand what is important to our customers.

Better Service: Live operators, people that will “take action” to fix things that are not working.

We are the business ISP: We will go beyond just sending a guy out that will say “it’s not our fault” and walk away, we have a lot of IP networking experience and can work with you IT department to pin-point the problem.


Call for more info:   502-589-4638

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