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Less Expensive Telephone Service with more Features


Business and Residential customers can order VoIP Lines (also called SIP Lines) as a stand alone monthly service. We can help you connect these to a VOIP telephone, or business telephone system. We can even make these lines connect to a plain old telephone if necessary. You can order a local number, or transfer your current telephone number to the BluegrassNet Voice network. Here is a specific list of the services we offer:

  • Local Phone Service: Telephone numbers for all area codes in the U.S.
  • Hosted PBX: Added business functionality such as auto attendent, voicemail, call forwarding, etc
  • Uniform Pricing for Each and Every Line.
  • Lower Long Distance Rates than Tradtional Phone Companies.
  • Incredible Mobility / Location Change Capabilities
  • Negotiated Discounts for Bulk Orders

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If you do not have a VoIP digital telephone and are not interested in purchasing one, BluegrassNet Voice has you covered. We offer a device called an ATA to our clients that converts digital signals to an analog signal allowing you to utilize any regular phone of your choice.

polycomm 2200
Polycom 2200 Conference Phone


Your Complete Business Phone System Support Vendor

BluegrassNet Voice is a high quality “Business Centric” ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Providers).  We specialize in delivering a variety of necessary and mission critical VOIP services where “commitment to quality” is our primary objective.  We currently deliver voice services to businesses all over the world, and can work with your company to make sure that your solution is done in the most cost-effective manner. The difference between BluegrassNet Voice and the other ITSP’s is that we believe there is oftentimes a “solution component” required in most VOIP migration/deployments. While we can always sell you a VOIP line, you are always more than welcome to call in and discuss your situation with one of our engineers if you have questions.

BluegrassNet Voice works with some of the largest VoIP carriers in the world to bring you local numbers from all corners of the United States. This allows us to deliver some of the best pricing for business-class services along with superb technical support and response that business customers demand.



How can BluegrassNet Help?

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