BluegrassNet Corporate Information

BluegrassNet is a Regional Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Louisville, Kentucky. Our headquarters and data center are located at 321 East Breckinridge Street a few blocks from the heart of downtown Louisville, and we also have a satellite location in Lexington, Kentucky.


Our Mission at BluegrassNet

Our mission is to provide superior Internet resources to commercial and residential clients alike. We’re committed to providing reliable innovative solutions, relevant to today’s environment, backed by easy access to knowledgeable people who care.

BluegrassNet In 2017

BluegrassNet, our Internet Service Provider, and our Consulting Divisions will continue to work closely together to service our customers in a professional manner, there are several noteworthy initiatives that BluegrassNet is working on at the present time:

  • We are actively deploying BluegrassNet owned fiber in a few locations in the city, notably the downtown area.   FTTH should be coming to the
  • Wireless Internet deployment of a fully-meshed wireless broadband network throughout the region.
  • VOIP options that allow customers to get the latest features for a much lower price
  • Complete integration and support of Cloud Service Providers such as Google Apps and Office 365 for our customers. This includes making sure your network is running securely as well as making the migration from your old servers to hosted servers smoothly.

BluegrassNet Clientele

BluegrassNet services both business and residential customers throughout the region. Customer demographics vary widely, ranging from small one and two person offices, to large corporate and institutional entities.

We support diverse solutions ranging from wireless Internet networks on large educational campuses, to managing Internet and IT capabilities for the largest emergency response institutions in the region. Why would such a wide-range of customers work with someone like BluegrassNet? We like to think it is because of “service”.

Service, in terms of the Internet business, means that there will be someone there that understands the nuances of your network or data infrastructure when troubleshooting and making recommendations. Our goal is to be the best service provider in the region.


BluegrassNet was founded in 1994 with the focus of being an ISP that delivered quality-oriented Internet services to business customers. Originally that entailed offering T-1 and ISDN Internet connections, but over the years that has morphed into plethora of what we call: ISP Business Services.

Here is a list of some these services as of 2017:

In 1997, BluegrassNet spun off our increasingly popular consulting services into an affiliate called BluegrassNet Development, LLC. (BGND). We found that our engineering skill sets such as Internet Security, Web Programming, Server System Maintenance, and Network Management were better suited in their own business entity.

In 2005, we started a new entity called BluegrassNet Voice (BGNV). The focus of this company is to work on VOIP telecom technology and apply its experience to offering VOIP services such as call paths, phone lines, hosted PBX, and build Enterprise-Grade PBX systems for businesses.

BluegrassNet a privately held Kentucky corporation, and is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and Greater Louisville, Inc (GLI).


How can BluegrassNet Help?

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