WiFi HotSpots / Campus Wireless

We Build Wireless Networks For Businesses


BluegrassNet is in the business of deploying and maintaining Internet Hotspots & Campus Wireless Networks. We deploy them in open-air locations such as parks, waterfronts, marinas, and campuses, or we deploy at indoor facilities such as restaurants, hotels, convention centers, airports, and arenas. Here is an illustration of how a hotspot on a campus is set up:

image of campus wireless
Example of WiFi Network Deployment

Service capabilities come in many different sizes, and are designed to meet the needs of the facility without overspending on unnecessary resources. Some excellent examples of our work are:

We will travel to install and maintain these systems, and have implemented corporate hotspots in different cities. If you are wondering what such a system would cost your establishment, please call one of our account reps at 502-589-4638.


How can BluegrassNet Help?

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