Metro Ethernet & Fiber Based Internet Connections

Highly reliable fiber based Internet connections for you business.  Perfect for businesses where uptime is critical, great for data centers, and both primary or back-up Internet connections.   We will help you with your router set up, including BGP implementation if needed.

Metro Ethernet fiber connection into router

Some quick facts on this service:

  • Metro Ethernet offered in data speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Business Class SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Low-Cost or Free IP Addressing
  • Proactive bot and hack monitoring. If we see it, we will notify you.
  • 24 x 7 accessibility to a BluegrassNet Technician or Engineer
  • One-stop network and system engineering assistance if necessary
  • Timely traffic studies on current data flow as warranted to troubleshoot problems or detect nefarious activity.
  • Live operators and tech support 7AM to 7PM, you WILL get a person, not voicemail
  • Replacement hardware such as switches and routers hot and on-hand should you need them
  • Redundant connectivity options to diversify your paths: wireless, DSL, T-1’s, etc.


About Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet services are run over a number of different carriers that BluegrassNet uses for fiber transport, including: AT&T, Insight, Level3, and Time Warner.

If you already have fiber in your building, it is just a matter of finding out who the carrier is that runs that fiber, and then BluegrassNet works with that carrier to take care of all the details. Installation will be faster and less expensive if we use an existing carrier. If there is no fiber, and fiber needs to be built, there are usually revenue commitments from the carriers to justify the expense of the build-out. At that point it is a matter of negotiating with them.

It normally takes one to three months for Metro Ethernet to be installed at a location where the fiber carrier is already in place. When fiber needs to be run, it normally takes at least three months. If you need a large connection immediately, BluegrassNet will deploy temporary Enterprise Wireless which can run up to 100 Mbps until the fiber is completed.


The Benefits of Fiber Optics & Metro Ethernet

Most telecommunication networks are made of metal wiring, mostly copper. Metal wiring makes up DSL, T-1, T-3,and broadband cable networks. Fiber optics are preferred over traditional copper infrastructure for several reasons:

  • Lower Cost: The same length of optical fiber is made for a much lower cost than copper wiring.
  • Lower Power: No power is needed to propel the signal in an optical fiber once it has been sent. That, in addition to a lower degree of signal degradation, means that less power is needed to send better signaling.
  • Size and Weight: Optical fibers are thinner and lighter than copper wiring. This means more optical fibers can go in the same diameter of cable as if it was filled with copper wiring.
  • Better Capacity: Today’s optical networks can send 1 terabit/second of information. In theory, the potential maximum optical fibers can send is 350 terabits/second. In comparison, advanced copper DSL systems can send 50 megabits/second of information. The theoretical maximum for copper cables is 1 gigabit/second of information. *Note: 1000 megabits = 1 gigabit and 1000 gigabits = 1 terabit
  • Better Signal: Optical fibers have lower signal degradation than copper wire.


Metro Ethernet Pricing

There are two fees that are normally associated with signing up for Metro Ethernet: The Non-Recurring Set Up Fee, and the Monthly Recurring Service Fee.

Pricing for Business Class Metro Ethernet can range from $500 per month to $2,000 per month depending on how much bandwidth the customer signs up for, as well as the engineering requirements surrounding the actual installation of the service. Unusual equipment and deployment costs can drive both of these fees higher.  One great part of working with BluegrassNet is that the customer deals with BluegrassNet only, BluegrassNet deals with the carrier hassles, so it’s very easy on the customer.

Please call a BluegrassNet Representative for details on pricing and deployment issues. 502-589-4638


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