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Summary of BluegrasNet IT Consulting Services


BluegrassNet has long supported various elements of customer IT infrastructure.  Our IT Consulting services range from installing and maintaining routers and networks, to building websites and doing software work.  The delivery of IT Consulting services can be one of  full-time engagement, part-time contracts, or even contract for specific services (example:  the wireless infrastructure in a facility only).

Our IT Consulting services are delivered anywhere a customer needs them.  The vast majority of our consulting customers are in the Louisville, Kentucky area, or even across the river in Southern Indiana.  This is natural, because we are based in Louisville, KY, however, many of our customers have external facilities in other states, and even other countries, and we support those elements too.  This is the nature of IT consulting today:  you have a lot to establish control of besides the main facility, now you have major responsibilities in managing off-site LANs, cell phone integration, etc.  Through careful implementation of IT policies, a lot of security and interuption of business type events can be prevented before they happen.

On this page we will outline in detail some of the specific consulting services that we currently offer, including certain brand-name IT solutions that we are authorized dealers of.   We work very well with internal IT staff as mission specific IT vendors, and will support you in whatever way you need.

Here is a complete list of our IT consulting anc contract services.  Take advantage of our skill-sets, which have come at the hands of running one of the largest independent ISPs in the region, and make your life a little easier!



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