Development Services Overview

Website and Software Programming

BluegrassNet offers full-service website & software development and programming. Over the years we have helped numerous customers with their projects. A few things to know about BluegrassNet Programming and Software Services:

  • We are PHP experts, with experience in Java & .Net as well.
  • We are excellent back-end programmers, and have significant database development experience on such platforms as MySQL and PostgreSQL, MS-SQL
  • We are experienced in working with CMS (Content Management Systems) such as: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Etc.
  • We are experienced in building systems that handle financial transactions in a secure manner. This includes shopping carts and credit card transaction processing, etc.
  • We have extensive experience in building and supporting the back-end of websites that draw a lot of traffic or have extensive processor utilization due to excessive database queries.
  • One of the nice things about BluegrassNet is the server management portion of the business that works directly with our developers. Sometimes, our role goes beyond just writing the software. We are often called upon to design, build, and maintain the servers that run your software.This can be done at any one of our datacenters, as well as at your company site. You can hire BGND to manage your servers and the network they’re connected to, so essentially… we can be your one-stop shop.

Some interesting projects in the past:


  • Large Data Sharing Site: The delivery of a large-scale online reporting software for one of the largest restaurant franchises in the world (based in Louisville, KY). This project included remediation of inconsistent databases that ran to 250 million rows of data per table, per day. The data normalization was one of the major hurdles on this project, but in the end we had a smooth running online-app which multiple entities used to garner daily marketing reports.
  • Custom Enterprise Management Software: We built a system from the bottom up for one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. This included an accounting component as well. It replaced an off-the-shelf CRM which would have cost millions to buy and implement.
  • Custom Enterprise Management Software: We built a system for the largest foster care agency in Indiana. This was a hugely successful project. It includes billing, case management, and more.
  • High-Profile Online Site: The entire solution for one of the largest rental house websites in the world. This included building and maintaining the servers as well as writting the application over two years. The database included at approximately 350,000 unique items for sale


Support for Designers, Webmasters, and Marketing Agencies


If you are a web designer, or an online marketing agency, we are especially interested in working with you. Here are some of the things we do for agencies throughout the country:


1. Work on Your Projects Under Your Brand

We have worked with many marketing and design firms over the years to help them get cutting edge and technically complex projects off the ground.

We know that a lot of designers don’t want to have to worry about how something is going to work technically. You don’t want to have to limit your vision by what you can code. You want to focus on how the user experience will evolve without the boundaries of accessible technology.

We can take the technical coding challenges off your shoulders leaving you to focus on design without diluting your brand.

We work like software consultants, not just coders. We will operate under your name as if we were a normal division of your company. Only your company name will appears on anything. Your clients will think they are working only with your company.

Because we work with you on a project by project and hour by hour basis, you won’t have any big bills until your project starts.

With our in-depth project cost projections created before a line of code gets written you can budget in any programming work directly to your customer. Because of our location in a very low cost of living area, we can offer excellent work at extremely competitive rates.

This has allowed some of our clients in cities across America to markup our development costs, turning every line of code we write into profit. They could make money on our work and still undercut the competition.


2. Advise and Communicate with Customers Under Your Brand

We can act as a technical adviser to both you and any of your customers. If we are working on a project for one of your clients we can communicate directly with them under your brand.

We will sit in on conference calls to offer advice on any aspect of the project if it falls under our area of expertise. Given our large skillsets and experience we can bring a lot to your knowledgebase and instill confidence in your clients.

We can also help your customer plan out other things such as the best infrastructure for their new website or web application. All this will be done with only your company name on every call and document.


3. Design, Build and Populate Databases

We can help you get your database envisioned, created and filled with data. Getting your database right the first time can save huge amounts of money.

A poor data scheme can grind to a halt or be inflexible, require a costly overhaul in the future. With our years of experience in database design and execution we can help you plan for the future before your database is even created.

Once a plan is made we can work with any of the major SQL database types to make it a reality. We can help with every step of the process, from setting up the server to building tables and functions to integrating it with other services. We can also write scripts that will help you maintenance and control your information.

When everything is in place we can also assist with populating the database with data. We can write bridges that can import from legacy databases or load information from files or other services. These scripts could also be turned into tools allowing you easy imports of data in the future.


4. Create and Integrate Web Services

Web services bring a whole new level of possibility to what your company can do on the internet. They don’t have to be tied to a website or application.

They are places where applications can interface and share data with anyone who has authorization and a connection. This means anyone can connect to a web service, making your system completely accessible across all platforms and easily integrated.

We have been using these services for years and have experience in connecting to and creating all kind of web services. We can create your web service with any of the major protocols such as REST, SOAP, JSON or XML. We can also setup feeds such as RSS or Atom to broadcast your information to your customers.


5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most important factor in getting a strong search engine result position is having an awesome website that people want to visit.

We can help you build exactly that. But even if you already have a great site, there still may be opportunities to enhance your visibility to your customers.

With our years of experience working on websites we have figured out what works and what doesn’t with search engine optimization. We can help you tune your site to get the best possible chance of being seen by your customers.


6. Security Audits, Security Hardening and HIPAA/PCI compliance

Security is a very complex issue. It is also a very important issue. You have a trust and an obligation to uphold to your customers to protect their experience and their privacy. In the case of medical data requiring HIPAA level precautions, it is a legal obligation as well.

PCI and HIPAA regulations can be extremely complex requiring a fine attention to detail. While everyone would love to offer their customers perfect security, it is nearly impossible to consider all of the possible ways your site can be compromised without years of experience. That is where we can help.

We have been out thinking would be hackers for over a decade and we can bring that experience to your project. We can help you find security threats in your code or systems and fix them before someone else has a chance to find them.

We can help you overhaul legacy code to make sure that it is up to the modern standard of protection. We can help you achieve and maintain full PCI and HIPAA compliance and ensure your peace of mind. Sometimes something as simple as a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.


7. Custom HTML Emails and Campaigns

Email isn’t just text anymore. To really impact customers you need to have a fully HTML, fully styled email campaign with clever design and powerful imagery. This adds a huge amount of complexity to an email campaign because it’s not just about what you say; it’s about how you say it.

We can help you build the perfect email campaign that will give you a distinct advantage over the competition. With the right theme and style you have a chance to affect would be customers before they even visit your website. These days presentation is everything, let us help you put your best foot forward.


8. Troubleshoot and Improve Business Process

Technology is not an island, isolated and aloof. It is an integral part of your entire company culture; it has ramifications in every aspect of every system and procedure. Sometimes problems can be solved before they even begin by looking at your business process as a whole.

Often small changes or the correct application of technology can have profound and lasting impact on your entire company.

Whether you are looking to troubleshoot and fix problems you are already experiencing or you are looking to improve efficiency to an already functioning process, we can help shape your systems in a way that helps build value for everyone.

We have years of experience working with business systems of all kinds and at all stages of development, from conceptualized to legacy.


9. Debug and Integrate Legacy Systems

Legacy systems can be a blessing and a burden. They are a blessing because they are familiar to staff and they are tested with years of performance. They are reliable because they are proven.

They are also a burden because the lock you to old builds of server software like Apache, PHP, IIS and .Net. To move old software onto new hardware platforms often involves some debugging. Modernizing legacy programs can be a daunting challenge, one we are experienced at and eager to undertake.

If rebuilding your system is not cost effective for you, but you still want to update legacy software we can help. We will clean up legacy code, remove errors, improve systems and even integrate old systems into modern systems.


10. Train Other Developers

After a project is complete, if you want to move maintenance of a website or web application in house, we can train your staff to work with your system. We have done this with several companies who wanted updates and changes to be done by their designer, but didn’t want to hire a full time senior level programmer.

We are happy to train any number of people on any aspect of a system to ensure they are able to use it with confidence. Even after the training is complete we are available to answer any questions that might come up with the product.

11. Update Websites for a New Server

Sometimes moving from one server to another can be a nightmare. If your platform changes, and with it your server software, sometimes legacy websites can’t make the transition without special attention.

We can help smooth over these changes and modernize web systems which rely on depreciated procedures. We have been supporting legacy code for a long, some of which is over a decade old.

We have the experience to help make any server move, not matter how drastic, a smoother transition. We can hunt down and debug any trouble arising form a new server environment and get your web site back up and running quickly.



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