BluegrassNet offers sales and support for a variety of Cloud Services such as FTP/Data Storage, DNS services, or the newer Cloud based services such as Zix, GoogleApps, or Office365. We believe the role of the ISP is to not only maintain a quality network to access these services, but to also support and assist the actual Cloud Services as well.

If you see a Cloud Service posted here on our website, it is because you can order that service from us, have us help you install or migrate to it from existing systems, and then call us to help you in the future should there be any problems.

You will notice that some of these Cloud Services such as Office365 or GoogleApps are widely used, and oftentimes one can order direct with Microsoft or Google. This can be a complicated task for those that have never done this, and we have found that many like the idea of simply calling BluegrassNet to have us deal with it. We will come on-site to do these turn-ups and will work with you, or your IT staff, to make this happen.

Pricing is done on a custom basis, and you will need to call us in order to get a final idea of what the overall cost would be. The monthly recurring is the same as on the Microsoft or Google websites, but the integration is seperate. Allow us to order the service for you, and we will make sure that it is done right from the beginning. Avoid having problems doing this, call BluegrassNet: 502-589-4638


How can BluegrassNet Help?

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