Internet Access Overview

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BluegrassNet offers several different ways to access the Internet.   The decision on “how” to get Internet connectivity into your facility depends on a few factors, including:  does your facility have a fiber carrier that has terminated there?  Are there more than one fiber carrier?  If there is not fiber carrier, who is the Telco/CLEC servicing the facility?

Our Customer Service Representatives can help you answer these questions.  They work every day with businesses throughout the region setting up new connections, or upgrading older connections.  The technology available is always changing, so it’s good to check in periodically to see what is currently available.   In order to bring you Internet access, BluegrassNet works with several different CLECs and Incumbent Telco Carriers, as well as Cable Carriers, to connect to you over that “last mile”.   We even have our OWN fiber network that we are slowly building, as well as a Business-Class wireless network.

Here is a short list of what we currently offer:

To find out more about each service, follow the links above, or call in to talk to one of our reps.


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