Dedicated T-1

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Internet Service Provider T-1 internet, fast and reliable

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Dedicated T-1 Internet

T-1 Dedicated Internet is a highly reliable, mission critical service. There are uptime commitments that the carriers must honor.

BluegrassNet will work with you to find you the best pricing on a loop and pass the cost onto you. Some of the local loop providers that can deliver your data from your site to BluegrassNet are AT&T, TimeWarner, Level3, Windstream. We work with all of these carriers. Let us negotiate with them on your behalf to get you the best price.

Other details:

  • The circuit is 1.54Mbps downstream X 1.54Mbps upstream
  • Pricing varies depending on your address
  • This type of access is perfect for a segregated VOIP connection for larger enterprises
  • The costs have come down dramatically from several years ago, if you live in a more remote area, far out from Louisville, make sure you call us, our pricing is usually the best!
  • BluegrassNet will configure and maintain your router for free!!!

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