Server Colocation

Bring Your Own Equipment, Run It Yourself

Internet Service Provider Complete Colocation Solution

Full data center capabilities

Rackmount and tower server accommodations

"Per machine" or "per data rack" pricing

Complete Colocation Solution

We offer full Data Center capabilities and can accommodate both rackmount and tower servers.

Our pricing is based on either a “per machine” or “per data rack” basis. Connectivity to the Internet is via multiple Gigabit Fiber and Wireless connections run across Cisco infrastructure and supported by a professional engineering staff. We have 30+ employees, so there are plenty of support services available upon request.

Pricing is based on three core components: the space required to colocate your servers, bandwidth requirements, and power requirements.

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Additional Information

Server Space & Bandwidth

Server Space:

  • We will sell colocation space for rack mount servers “by the u”
  • There is a flat rate for tower servers, which get shelf space
  • We will sell 1/4 cabinet, 1/2 cabinet, and full cabinets
  • Do you need more? Then we also will build cage or floor space to your specs


  • BluegrassNet has multiple Gbps connections at our main facility
  • We can provision any increment up to 10 Gbps on your ethernet port
  • Bandwidth is priced on a “per Meg at 95th percentile” unit of measurement
  • There are discounts for commitments on larger blocks of bandwidth
  • Specialty routing considerations are possible, just ask

Power Considerations

  • The facility has Leibert Battery Backup and N+1 Diesel Generated Power Backup.
  • Server Colocation customers have a choice of bringing their own batteries or using BluegrassNet’s
  • We will build circuits larger than 20A as needed, or per your specifications.
  • Entry level colocation is provisioned on shared circuits with other customers. Private circuits are available if you would rather have that.

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