iSymphony is an Easy-to-Use Java-based Client/Server Software for Managing Phone Calls via the Open Source Asterisk Platform

BluegrassNet Voice provides complete consulting services for those trying to implement iSymphony on their Asterisk systems. We have extensive experience with iSymphony having installed it on both large and small systems (including call centers) throughout the region. We work with customers on their iSymphony projects throughout the world.

Now some more about iSymphony:

iSymphony works with Asterisk, it is agnostic to Asterisk distributions and other commercial products based on its architecture. It is a real-time client/server interface that is provided via the Java platform to workstations for controlling and interacting with the PBX network. Some of the highlights of iSymphony are listed below.

Visual Voicemail: See your voicemails! Double click to listen to your voicemail.
Queue and Agent Statistics: Now you can display statistics on queues and agents in real time!
Configurable layout: Customize the layout of iSymphony by moving the tabs to create your most efficient layout.

Multiple Views: choose multiple ways to display the extensions your managing and all of the remote extensions.

Multiple Location, Tenant and Profile Support: Dynamically manage connections to each server and edit each of the tenants for multi-tenant installations.
Each profile and their permissions are managed on a per location basis for granular control.
Profile Navigator: No matter how many profiles you’re using you see all of them through the Profile Navigator.

Fast Views: Fast Views provide a quick way to dock the modules for easy access.

Permissions: finely manage each profile and what actions that profile can perform.
Conference Rooms: monitor static conferences or even create you own dynamic conference room
Queues/Agents: Each user can see if the agent is logged in and taking queue calls. See each of the queues that are being managed by iSymphony and how many calls are in each of them.

Extension Directories: Simply open the Extension Directories module via the Profile Navigator and you’ll see the available directories.

Administration Interface: There is no longer a need to edit files on the command line. All features in iSymphony are now managed in a single interface.
Chat: Enterprise level chat is possible through Jabber integration.
Customized Presences: iSymphony supports custom presences to be displayed. Out of office, out to lunch or even in a meeting.  Create your own to fit your business needs. Users can even select a time they will be returning. This time is displayed to people by hovering over their extension.


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