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Routers, Switches, and Firewalls

Internet Service Provider Complete and comprehensive support of most Cisco routers and switches.

Variety of routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, MPLS, RIP, and more

Transport modes including Fiber, Metro Ethernet, Commercial Wireless, OC-3, DS-3, T-1's, and DSL

Cisco Technology Experts

Our engineers run one of the largest ISP networks in the region, BluegrassNet, and are willing to share their expertise with you.  The networks we are supporting run a variety of transport modes, including:  Fiber, Metro Ethernet, Commercial Wireless, OC-3, DS-3, T-1’s, DSL, ATM, dialup, etc.  Whatever you are doing, there’s a good chance we have practical experience in your arena.

Specific models that we have extensive experience with are the 2000, 3000, 7000, and 120000 (GSR) series. We also have extensive experience deploying a variety of routing protocols including BGP, OSPF, MPLS, RIP, and more. We will work on site and are based in Louisville, KY.  We will support routers remotely.

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