One of BluegrassNet’s primary contributions to our customers’ success is top level PHP software development. We have 13 years of experience on every cutting edge of the PHP language. From simple websites with minimal logic to vast and custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, BluegrassNet has had experience in all sides of PHP systems.

We can bring large benefits to any project you have in mind providing easy to use, web based applications. By their very nature, web applications are totally portable with support on virtually every computer and handheld device. They are also centralized for rapid upgrades and deployment saving both time and money. PHP systems are also scalable and secure because your server runs the application, not individual computers or devices.

We have also built several ecommerce and web-market solutions for websites from all walks of life. With custom built software you get exactly what you want: peace of mind. We aren’t just programmers, we also have on staff security experts that ensure your system or website stays securely under your control.

We can also ensure full HIPPA and PCI compliance for any sensitive data your system will handle. We can integrate any PHP biased system with any major payment gateway service provider or existing database, making any transition almost seamless.

We are consultants working for you; we are always available to our clients for assistance on any aspect of the project. We will do planning and timelines, general project and resource management, protocol and procedure creation, documentation and training material for any project we are on.

We are staffed 100% locally so you can always talk directly to the engineers working on your PHP system quickly and easily. We can also come to you to perform any aspect of the project that requires onsite activity, from server configuration to meetings.

You also retain full ownership of any code or system we produce meaning you are free to share or sell it as you see fit. We work with many graphic designers and marketing agencies in total confidence who want to focus on the user experience and let someone else worry about the nuts and bolts of making things work.

We will go to meetings or get on conference calls with you to give advice on technical matters with your clients. Because we are consultants working for you, we can tell everyone that we are your staff and happy to let you take full credit for all aspects of any system that is built for your clients. After all, you own the code.

If you think you could benefit from PHP development work at some of the highest quality with some of the lowest prices in America, please give us a call at 502-589-4638. We would love to talk to you about what PHP systems can bring to your business.

How can BluegrassNet Help?

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