Today almost every website or web application is driven in part by a Structured Query Language (SQL) database. SQL databases are some of the most versatile, useful and profoundly fragile parts of any online system.

Versatile and useful because they allow simple, dynamic data storage and retrieval; fragile because a simple programming mistake can trigger a myriad of issues. SQL is one of the core elements that took the web out of the static age and propelled it into the dynamic- interactive age.

This brings us to why ongoing support for your SQL databases is so critical. We are finding that the database activities can oftentimes become the bottle neck that keep systems from running at an acceptable performance level. As more and more of our online experience becomes dynamic more and more work is being put onto the database.

Especially now with the growing popularity of Content Management Systems (CMS) where almost every single thing on a webpage is has to be retrieved out of the database on every page load. This means that even a minor error on a database or SQL function could bring the whole system to a grinding halt.

That makes proper SQL code vital to the success of your online system. BluegrassNet offers exactly that, well written, tested and reviewed SQL queries. We have 13 years of experience in database systems of all sizes, from a dozen rows to over 250 million rows per table. We recommend and primarily use MySQL and PostgreSQL type SQL systems, but we also work with all database flavors.

Our experience doesn’t just bring you disaster avoidance and recovery; it will also give your product tuned and agile queries that can increase productivity. Get more done with fewer resources saving money and time.

We have seen that adjusting just one setting can increase overall performance of a database by as much as 1,300% with very little impact on reliability. We also focus our database systems on being very easy to update or change. If not kept in mind while developing a database layout, even a little change could turn into a complete restructuring of the SQL database.



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