BluegrassNet Development (BGND) is the Louisville Region’s leading Linux support organization that private businesses and government entities can turn to for quick, efficient advice on building, deploying, and maintaining Linux (and other Unix) systems.

Our Linux support personnel have years of experience building stand-alone servers, fail-over scenarios, and large high-availability clusters. Our sys admins run one of the largest ISP’s infrastructures in Louisville, BluegrassNet, and their technical expertise and practical experience are available to those seeking consulting assistance.

BGND enjoys having high-level and junior Linux sys admins on staff and can extend to your business the best rates when it comes to maintaining your servers. The depth of our staff puts you in a good situation where you do not rely on one lone engineer to assume all the responsibility for your very important infrastructure. We have multiple people capable of running your systems. Specific skill sets related to our Linux/Unix support group are:

  • Building Clusters and Cloud computing systems using DRDB
  • Puppet Implementation
  • VMware and server virtualization
  • Unix Varients: ¬†FreeBSD, Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Fedora)
  • Enterprise high availability servers and software applications
  • IT infrastructure monitoring



How can BluegrassNet Help?

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