Anti-Spam Services

We are authorized partners of Google/Postini anti-spam/anti-virus services. This is an effective way to keep the junk out of your e-mail box, lower the stress on your mail server, and protect you from malicious code that comes in via e-mail. We have individual and corporate packages that you can sign up for.

Mail Bagging

If your e-mail server goes down, we have already automatically pointed your fail-over mail route to this server where we set up a “catch-all” for all your inbound e-mail. When you get your e-mail server back up and running, it connects to the mail bagging server, and downloads the mail at that point. Thereby preventing your inbound mail from bouncing back to the sender.

Mail Archiving

Oftentimes keeping old e-mails around is not only smart, but REQUIRED in certain industries. BluegrassNet will work with you to build an archiving routine so that you can have your e-mail stored in multiple locations, on different servers, or help you figure out what is best for you. Our services range from renting space on our mail servers, to connecting our systems to yours in order for you to push a copy of your e-mail onto large storage servers in certified data centers for long term storage.

Private E-mail Server

Sometimes you have no choice but to have your own e-mail server. This makes sense if you have large volumes of mail, specialty handling requirements, archiving and retrieval performance expectations, etc. Here are some different options on private e-mail servers that we work with.

High-Availability / Large Volume Unix Mail Clusters

If you absolutely positively do not want to tolerate your mail server “going down”, this is probably the best bet for you. Dual load-balancers, dual front-ends, dual data-base servers, all operating in a real-time copy over mode. We build these systems quite a bit, and are very proud of our performance. We can build one of these for you too. We like to use Linux and components that work on Linux for this type of set up.

Microsoft Exchange Servers

There are many BluegrassNet clients that want something that gives the other services besides just e-mail, such as calendaring, tasks, notes, contact databases, etc. that Exchange does so well. Barring specialty requirements, we believe that having your own Exchange server really makes sense starting at about 40+ users on the system. We can build these systems for your office, or to put in a data center somewhere.

Low Cost Unix Mail Servers for E-mail Marketing or Bulk E-mailing

If you are in the mass e-mail business this is something you may need. Have you found that you get blacklisted occasionally? Well, if that happens to your mail mail server you are down EVERYWHERE until the situation is resolved. By pushing off your mass email agent onto a separate server you have saved yourself the hassle of taking the whole company e-mail down due to a misunderstanding by an outside network admin. We do not condone or allow “spamming” but do realize that large organizations do run into this problem if they are doing e-mail blasts to customers or large numbers of employees. Servers such as this start at approx. $300 per month.

Anti-Virus/Security on Mail Systems (IPsec)

We are actively involved in implementing programs such as MacAfee onto mail server systems, and are paying very close attention to the progression of IPSec as a security solution to some of the mail & network vulnerabilities that exist on the Internet. We work extensively on keeping mail systems secure and can help you if you need it.

All of these services are currently available through BluegrassNet. The best way to get “what you want” is to talk to one of our engineers regarding what the best set up is for you. We can be reached at 502-589-4638.


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