BluegrassNet can help you get your Autonomous System Number (ASN) and help you get IP space if your business requires it. We have years of dealing with the nuances of expanding numbering and can help you too.

In order for your business to have more than one path to the Internet, you need not only have different IP numbers, but also an Autonomous System Number (also referred to as an ASN number). These are procured through an agency called the American Registry of Internet Numbers, also referred to as ARIN. ARIN is where you get both your IPv4 and IPv6 numbering. There are fees associated with getting an ASN number as well as having IP ranges. The fees can be nominal, or run into the tens of thousands for large blocks on an annual basis.

For help in procuring and implementing your new numbering, give us a call at 502-589-4638, and ask to speak with Thomas about what is required.

Keep in mind that we are Cisco experts and can help in configuring any sized Cisco network.


How can BluegrassNet Help?

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