Are you looking to open a call center? Are you looking to upgrade your current call center’s telephone system? Did you know that you can save tremendous amounts of money by negotiating with certain carriers for your phone lines? BluegrassNet Voice knows how to save you money, and get you what you want.

What about call center software? Or existing call center software? Chances are that you spent quite a bit of money in the past to get the system in place to control the auto-dialers, the call lists, editing the call lists on the fly, all these need to be integrated into a new telphone system. Let BluegrassNet Voice show you how to get everything out of your current software before spending another large sum on a new system. Is it that obsolete? We can show you the best deals on new systems as well.

What about multi-city call centers? Do you need redundant service? Where you never go down? BluegrassNet Voice has built call centers that direct calls based on certain parameters to land in various cities, and had to be completely fail-over 100% uptime ready. One customer in particular ran three call centers (Louisville, Philadelphia, and Kansas City) and needed calls routed based on recognized caller ID. We built it and integrated it into their customer enterprise software at a fraction of the cost of Mitel or Cisco.

BluegrassNet Voice has exceptional experience in these matters and can help you with your call center as well. Anyone serious about having a great system, at a great price, needs to call us to have a discussion about this. We have access to phenominal network engineers, software engineers, all on our staff. We are well versed in the brand name systems, and are top-notch Asterisk engineers as well.

502-589-4638, ask for BluegrassNet Voice.


How can BluegrassNet Help?

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