Disaster Prevention and Recovery is one of the leading concerns amongst IT professionals today. While many people think about it, oftentimes the time to take action is too late and in the middle of a disaster. These disasters can come in many ways, such as: Internet connections going down, networks crashing, servers not responding, and physcial disaster such as fires or weather.

BluegrassNet is uniquely situated to do it’s part in helping you mitigate this threat by offering our customers several tools to make Prevention easier and faster:

  • Backup Internet Connections: These could be wireless microwave (up to 300Mbps), Metro Ethernet, T-1’s, even DSL is better than nothing. BluegrassNet engineers can help you set up your routers so that “fail-over” actually takes place if your primary connection goes down.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: In our own Data Center, or at other locations around the region, we have our own VMWare Cloud Infrastructure that can support quick deployments of backup servers, or extra system resources when necessary. If these are in place BEFORE a disaster, that’s even better. Connect your internal systems to ours, then, if your business has a disaster, you will run off our servers here.
  • Temporary Facility Deployment: Because of our Microwave Wireless Network, you can set up shop quickly with big bandwidth to support not only data, but voice too, at different hotels, conference centers, etc. We can have you up fast! This network spans the region. We also have our own “Fall Back Center” here at BluegrassNet HQ that you can use if necessery.
  • Call Center & PBX Replacement: We are experts at building VoIP PBX systems that act as regular business phone systems, or even call centers. Allow us to replicate your phone system here on our hosted PBX, and if something happens to your office we can quickly deploy new handsets and have you up and running in no time. If you rely on the telephone for business, you NEED this!!!

Why is it better to rely on BluegrassNet for this type of service?

  • We are local, we can respond: Oftentimes it is also a matter of hands and people resources that make the difference. We are 30 strong with all sorts of IT experience. Expertise on all platforms (Microsoft, Unix, VMWare) make us an extremely valuable resource to rely on when planning or executing your DR strategy.
  • We can move FAST!!! We have equipment inventory, we have actual people that know what they are doing ON STAFF and IN LOUISVILLE. When you deal with the National Carriers you will almost always be talking to someone far away, and their hands in the immediate area are much more limited than BluegrasNet’s.
  • We are in a position to KNOW your business: What does this mean? We can work with you BEFORE disaster happens, BEFORE a complex solution is required. We can help you make plans based on what we find out about your business when talking to you, when being around you.

What’s possible? Well you have to ask yourself: How much would it be worth to know that you have a second system up and running somewhere else? What if you not only had your data backed up, but a team of “responders” ready to set up a full-blown phone system, at a new location, where your people can work and take calls over night? Well, that’s what BluegrassNet does.


How can BluegrassNet Help?

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